Change management

The most expensive organizational transformations are those that fail.    
By addressing people’s perceptions and the natural resistance that even positive changes evoke, Vayomar ensures the success of your organizational transformation by committing your people to its support.   



  • Actionable change framework
  • Transformation ROI increased by up to 100%
  • Resistance and friction minimized
  • Real-time evaluation
  • Tailor-made solutions addressing unique needs
  • Operational autonomy for managing change
  • Ongoing trust and dialog between organizations, leaders, and people
  • Change resilience

Do I need it?

The ability to manage your people’s experience through change and turbulence while understanding their desires and expectations could determine the transformation’s success. This is the most cost-effective action, enabling better productivity and communication, talent retention and overall plasticity within the organization – ultimately leading to better results.


Do I need it now?

Organizations cannot afford to have their main transformations fail, whether you are already in the middle of one, or just about to start, it is never too late to harness your employees to adopt and support the transformation.

Can I do it alone?

Despite having change management models, most transformations fail, because change management cookie cutters models don’t work, We, on the other hand, specialize in finding the tools and work methods that will be implemented and show results, enabling you to make complex processes seem easier and faster, by understanding the core motivations of your people, and provide creative solutions to answer them.

CHOOSE Your path with us


Let us help you build these infrastructures:

  • Strategical framework
  • Workplan
  • Success matrices
  • KPIs
  • Evaluation
  • Identifying bottlenecks
  • Prioritizing cost
  • Effective initiatives
  • Methodology
  • Infrastructure
  • Tools


Let us run the following process with you:

  • Hands-on implementation
  • Project management
  • Real-time evaluation
  • Reports
  • Crisis management
  • Internal communication
  • Leadership training


Let us make sure you can continue on your own:

  • Delivering operational autonomy infrastructure by a due date
  • Enabling independent work methods and routines to lead future changes
  • Train the trainer – Growing internal change leadership
  • Active overlap until self-sufficiency

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