Business Development & Marketing

“The utmost peace is one between two opposites”

About ME

If I had to find the common thread to everything I have done in the last decade, it would have to be the need to test varied solutions to every challenge, and in all of them, I loved this experience the most. My favorite part is defining the different options and then building the roadmap to them. Together with a team, I like to pick the most fitting, efficient, and innovative solution.

It is the essence of operations and business development: working with people, problem solving and being creative. For that, you need to be truly curious about people, to want to learn to know them. You need to breathe in information about the market, about companies and about positions with a passion. Lastly, you need to be able to connect the right team with the right mission, in Vayomar it means coordinating with people from management, the consultants and the Customer relation’s team.

The spheres in which I live connect, too. I also instruct and consult to new Immigrants to Israel, and lead processes of financial emancipation for women. Ah, and if you want to meet, you’ll find me every Tuesday evening, power walking with my dear friends of the “Etgarim” organization

My recommendations

  • The Stamp, by Channa Levana, a children’s book

  • Women Who Changed the World, by Sally Simmons and Ros Horton

  • Grey’s Anatomy – the show, not the book. Also, the closest I’ll ever get to becoming a doctor.