The Ultimate Guide to Successful Sales Kickoffs events (SKO)

The Six Building Blocks Of A Winning SKO & Other Types Of Company Events

The guide to creating winning offsites based on six building blocks developed by Vayomar a company that was established in 2003.
and has since worked with over 500 companies worldwide, producing over 150 of these types of events in the process.

Adopting a business/ROI oriented mindset from the very start will prove extremely effective in getting the target budget approved. More importantly, it will significantly enhance the changes of meeting these targets, and thus ensuring that this event will have a positive and truly strategic impact.

A single, unifying idea, represented by a selected theme, must be incorporated into EVERY SINGLE aspect and dimension of your offsite. One + one can equal 3… or 4… or even 50!  

The more consistently a single thread goes through each of the event’s components, the greater the value of the whole will be (and certainly greater than the sum of its pieces). That’s what having a well-defined and relevant theme is all about.

Given the cost and effort involved in producing these events, and their significance to the company’s success, it is up to us to make sure we really get as much out of our events as humanely possible. The best way of achieving this goal is by designing the interior look-and-feel of the venue in a ways that create experiential impact, inspired by the SKO’s ROI statement and selected theme.

The key to a winning event is to create an agenda optimally balances between the following three elements, and using a combination of formats (i.e. – general assembly sessions and breakouts):

  • Professional content.
  • Fun content.
  • “Free time” – casual interactions between the participants.

Together, these three elements can really help make sure that our participants are: in the best possible state of mind; highly motivated to engage throughout the offsite; and more likely to attend future ones (or recommend that others attend).

Don’t wait ‘till the event starts. While 2-4 full days may seem like an eternity for the executives who need to temporarily block their calendars and how up – from a change management and learning and development perspective, these few days are a very short window to create lasing influence and behavioral change.

A teaser campaign can easily be run several weeks ahead of the event, via email or slack messages, sent every few days leading up to the event. These should contain cool pictures, quotes, links to related videos, etc. and contain elements that build up expectations and excitement among the participants.

How long does it take for your event’s participants to get sucked back into their daily operational chaos? They’ll probably be at their emails from the cap, on the way to the airport. The key to maintaining the positive momentum created at a successful event, is to keep “poking” the participants will reminders and follow-up action items related to the event as early as 48 hours after they got back to their offices.

Every time we “hit” them with a positive stimulation, we re-enforce the positive impact of the offsite and the emotional memories we will have hopefully instilled in them throughout the offsite that remain woven into the fabric of your company culture. The more visual and entertaining the follow-up stimulations – the greater their impact will be.

Successful Sales Kickoffs events
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