Our Offerings

We at Vayomar see ourselves as teachers. This identity defines every aspect of our professional being. We exist for the purpose of consuming and developing knowledge so that we may then share it with you in service of your organizational and individual aspirations.

We believe the key to cultivating a better humanity is to facilitate a shift in our perception of uncertainty – from being an existential threat to being an inspiring opportunity. We aim to replace fear with curiosity, by proving tools and methodologies in the areas of decision making and interpersonal communications, specifically in the modern workplace.

We wish to play a meaningful role in humanity’s dramatic transition into its next chapter in history.


Sales Enablement

Desired outcomes of this program: 

  • Higher acquisition rates
  • Higher retention rates / LTV
  • Higher Revenue PC
  • Customer advocacy
  • Customer Journey (CSAT)
  • Shorter sales cycle
  • Quicker time to full quote carrying capacity
  • Larger avg. quota/salesperson
  • Improved efficiency in customer care


Desired outcomes of this program: 

  • Cross-organizational alignment around vision and strategy
  • Inspiration and motivation in the face of tough challenges
  • Building / reinforcing company culture and core values
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction

Mid-level Management Teams

Desired outcomes of this program: 

  • Improved ESAT
  • Key talent retention
  • Faster on-boarding of new employees

Executive Leadership Teams

Desired outcomes of this program: 

  • Becoming an ELT member and a C-Level manager
  • Functional and symbolic gestures
  • An ELT management meeting and any other types of meetings
  • Different types of opportunities: Strategic, Tactical and Distractions
  • From Star Player to Star Coach – Micro-management and productive supervision and governance

Change Management

Desired outcomes of this program: 

  • Actionable change framework
  • Transformation ROI increased by up to 100%
  • Resistance and friction minimized
  • Real-time evaluation
  • Tailor-made solutions addressing unique needs
  • Operational autonomy for managing change
  • Ongoing trust and dialog between organizations, leaders, and people
  • Change resilience

Systematic Innovation

Desired outcomes of this program: 

  • Deep dive analysis
  • Innovation readiness assessment
  • Particle workshops innovation A-Z
  • Coaching for sub-groups
  • Demo days and events
  • Money lanes innovation implementation


  • Value Orientation
  • Building our own resilience through Cognitive Discipline
  • Recreating our Virtual Corridor
  • How to Present to Senior Executives
  • You’re Not Moving Slow Enough