Virtual teams, operating across multiple time-zones, and cultural chasms, need extensive, intensive, in-person interactions in order to build productive and emotionally satisfying professional relationships.

Given how costly these events can be – we are here to help you make the very most of them – before, during and after they take place.



  • Cross-organizational alignment around vision and strategy
  • Inspiration and motivation in the face of tough challenges
  • Building / reinforcing company culture and core values
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction



Total Immersion






Sales Enablement Managers

Sales Teams

Non-sales, customer-facing employees

CHOOSE Your path with us

Keynotes / Webinars

I just need a bit of inspiration

Here’s a list of some really cool and inspiring (and interactive!) 1-2 hour talks that will really get your people’s juices flowing:

  • Discuss the importance of offsites in the age of remote virtual work – and especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 global health crises. We will discuss the potential positive impact of high-touch, intensive and extensive interactions between team members and critical interfaces – both on internal collaboration and coordinated execution as well as on their impact on the company’s ability to execute successfully against its vision and strategy.

  • Review the six building blocks of a successful offsite.


Look, I only have a day or two with them

Here’s a list high-impact workshops that will get you and your teams off to a strong start within a half day to two days:

  • “Out of Sight – Out of Sync”

  • “Offsite Agenda Generator”

ONGOING Consulting programs

I get it. Meaningful change doesn’t happen overnight. How can you help?

We’re here to go the distance with you. Below are the services and support we are happy to provide on an ongoing basis, until your targets are met:

  • Taking an active role in the structuring and design of the event. This includes key elements, such as “Theme,” “Preliminary Teaser Campaign,”  “Agenda Structure,” “Total Immersion,” and more.

  • Adapting and optimizing the program in real time. A great facilitator knows how to create group dynamics – but group dynamics tend to have a life of their own. Thus, said facilitator also needs to know how to adapt the agenda to evolving group dynamics. 
  • Ensuring the whole is worth more than the sum of its parts. This is done by serving as the glue between the various agenda components, linking back to elements that were reviewed earlier in the program, and constantly reinforcing the conference’s key messages and objectives.

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