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Virtual teams, operating across multiple time-zones and cultural chasms, need extensive, intensive, in-person interactions in order to build productive and emotionally satisfying professional relationships.

Offsites whisk a group of executives, employees or senior managers away from their office environment, most commonly for 1-3 days, to enable them to experience “deep” and intensive processes that help them return to work rested and charged to drive business goals forward – for the company, for sales SKOs, etc. – by boosting:


Why Outsource Your Offsites?

When produced properly, offsites and other multi-day company events are among the most powerful formats for driving change. There is simply no substitute for extensive and intensive in-person interaction, conducted away from daily operational distractions. 

Since 2003, we’ve been helping organizations keep up with the fast pace of the digital revolution. We share our knowledge, experience, and expertise with our clients, global companies – start-ups and corporations – to ensure you drive your business forward. 

Having assisted with the structuring and facilitation of dozens of executive offsites and annual SKOs, we have developed a methodology that can help make your next event successful.

6 key elements for building and carrying out a winning offsite

How to Measure Your Offsite’s Success

Our Offsite Kit

Choose from a selection of offsite kits that take the work out of planning your upcoming event. All you need to do is select a topic, add a few personal tweaks, et voila! Prepare to engage and inspire your teams at your next best offsite.

Superheroes Kit

Create a unified, “we are one” mindset throughout your diverse teams, without sacrificing on each individual members’ current identities

Be the CEO Kit

Infuse mid-level managers with the mindset they need to shift from an operational to a managerial-oriented approach

From "Farming" to "Hunting" Kit

Motivate seasoned salespeople to shift their focus (partially or completely) from generating sales from existing clients, to bringing in NEW LOGOS

From "Star Player" to "Star Coach" Kit

Teach a “group of stars” how to think and behave like coaches, so that more targets can be met by maximizing the whole team’s performance

How to Enhance Your Employee Experience Kit

Build a “mini” version of your company that includes representatives of all ranks and departments to drive employee experience up.

Custom Offsite Kit

“Wow” your teams with a custom, branded offsite that reflects your company’s DNA, agenda, or mission

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