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Start with What (not the Why)

In his famous TEDx talk, Simon Sinek suggested that we Start With Why. At the base of his approach lies the idea that uncovering the fundamental motivation that drives our path can be very powerful, for organizations as well as for individuals.

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Sales Enablement

3 Rules for successful Sales Enablement in a Changing World

Sales solutions need to evolve to meet the demands of a new world of value realization, where customer retention plays an increasing major role in determining of your company’s long-term bottom line and viability requires you to re-evaluate your sales strategies. Today’s blog post presents key guidelines that apply to sales enablement and decision-making, which will help you reorient your mindset from old to new.

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Then came Singapore…

I recently returned from Singapore for the first time. Not a day has passed since, without my thinking of this special country.
Singapore has forced me to check my sense of certainty at the door and take a close and honest look at several paradigms, almost axioms, that were infused in me from a very early age.

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When rational terrorism meets irrational victims

¬¬¬¬¬¬Who knows how many car accidents there were today in Israel?
How about guessing how many people were subject to violent and random acts of violence in NYC yesterday? And what if I told you that in the past weekend, 14 teenagers were killed from gun shots in Chicago?

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Must Read Books

This book did more than simply deepen my understanding in a given topic of interest - it fully tapped my imagination and opened my mind to new possibilities that changed the very way I see the world and try to live my life. Granted, there is yet much work to be done in this field and much of what he describes will surely benefit from additional and rigorous scientific evaluation. And yet, if you are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of how our brain works and of the power we have to operate it and in doing so shape the quality of your life - as well as that of others - I expect you will enjoy this book very much. Another one to add to the “Optimistic books" stack.
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If anything, this is a good book for testing your traditional paradigms on management and human resources. I confess that I found some of her insights and recommendations too definitive and binary, and yet, some key ideas in this book really grabbed my attention: (a) the radical operational freedom from the traditionally heavy authoritarianism of senior management and generally hierarchical organization, which she propanes; (b) the unapologetic rejection of trending approaches to employee satisfaction and HR success metrics; and the insistence on open, direct and candid communication. I found all of these ideas to be refreshing and even inspirational. If you are aspiring to succeed in a leadership position, I believe this book should be part of your education - regardless of how many of her ideas you decide to adopt.
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Aside from the glamour of getting an inside view of one of the worlds most successful companies, this book contains powerful insights and statistics on hiring - as a process as well as a ultra-strategic area of focus (which sadly too many organizations today still ignore or under appreciate). It’s also a very interesting read around issues around employee recognition and compensation and generally how to manage expectations in a way that drives happiness and productivity. Although my professional focus in the world of HR hardly ever touches on the art and science of talent acquisition and employee assessment, I found myself making bookmarks in the book every few pages. Like with Patty McCord’s book (“Powerful”), here too I found an intriguing approach to the area of employee training and development which I must confess was not easy for me given by professional background as a founder of a training and consulting firm. If anything, learning about Google is a must in today’s day and age, whether from this book or others. A valuable read.
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