Mid-level Management Teams
Managerial “Ozone” layer

We can teach your mid-level managers how to block disruptive top-down and bottom-up operational “radiation.”

Strong mid-level managers:

  • Free up the executive leadership’s capacity to devise smarter and more resilient mid- to long-term strategies.
  • Provide a stable, safe and empowering working environment for the organization’s employees.


  • Improved ESAT
  • Key talent retention
  • Faster on-boarding of new employees



Sales Enablement Managers

Sales Teams

Non-sales, customer-facing employees

CHOOSE Your path with us

Keynotes / Webinars

I just need a bit of inspiration

Here’s a list of some really cool and inspiring (and interactive!) 1-2 hour talks that will really get your people’s juices flowing:

  • Absorbing the “bottom-up radiation” in a way that frees the ELT to spend more time on vision formulation and strategy development.
  • Absorbing the “top-down radiation” in a way that provides the junior level employees with a stable and psychologically safe working environment.
  • Cultivating “Operational Empathy” in a way that reduces the chances of developing a siloed operational culture and in its stead promotes knowledge sharing, coordinated execution, and overall collaboration.
  • Supporting leadership succession within the company.


Look, I only have a day or two with them

Here’s a list high-impact workshops that will get you and your teams off to a strong start within a half day to two days:

  • From Star Player to Star Coach

ONGOING Consulting programs

I get it. Meaningful change doesn’t happen overnight. How can you help?

We’re here to go the distance with you.  Below are the services and support we are happy to provide on an ongoing basis, until your targets are met:

  • Academic layer – a series of lectures and workshops that take place throughout the year. During these sessions, the managers experience an MBA-like learning process, which is meant to equip them with a range of insights, methodologies, and tools for effective management and leadership in the 21st century.

  • Practical layer – a list of strategic, cross-organizational, initiatives that are designed and executed by smaller groups of program participants. Each group’s initiative will be clearly linked to the company’s broader vision and strategic plan and will also have an executive sponsor from the ELT.  
  • Personal development layer – a highly personalized process each program participant will undergo, in which they map their current strengths and weaknesses, their personal and professional aspirations, and the company’s current needs. Then, based on this mapping design, a personal development road map is created.

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