VAYOMAR is a global organization that specializes in delivering training and consulting to businesses seeking to keep up with the fast pace of the digital revolution. We share our knowledge, experience, and expertise with our clients, global companies – start-ups and corporations – to ensure you drive your business forward.

Our Mission Statement

We promote positive organizational culture that ideally balances the human ability to innovate, with the human ability to adapt to change


Since 2003, we’ve delivered hundreds of thousands hours worth of consultations, workshops, seminars, offsites, and keynotes to over half a million individuals in 24 countries and across over a dozen industries. This vast experience, combined with actionable insights derived from a diverse range of disciplines, is the foundation upon which all of our programs and methodologies stand.


For hundreds of thousands of years, we, human beings, have distinguished ourselves from other life forms by our adaptive and innovative capabilities. However, while our ability to adapt is set to a fixed evolutionary pace, our ability to innovate has been progressing at an exponential rate (launched into warp speed by the digital revolution) – essentially outrunning our ability to adapt. Our innovative genius has led to a rate of change that has begun to execute faster than our adaptive capabilities.

At Vayomar, we view ourselves as teachers. We constantly engage in deep and meaningful research for the sole purpose of imparting it to you and your teams. We seek to use proven tools and methodologies in the areas of decision-making and interpersonal communications to help you leverage the greater context within the working world, optimize your organizational culture and practices, and foster a next-generation, modern place of work.

We understand that the key to bridging the gap between humankind’s innovative advances and our adaptation to them is for people to work smarter, not harder. It’s about changing the way you and all the members of your company think, so that investments in technology and operational infrastructure become your organization’s competitive edge, rather than liabilities.


Would you change the way you act, if you knew the whole world was watching? At Vayomar, we believe in the “Sunshine Policy:” do only what you would do under the transparent spotlight that is the sun. When we design and deliver a program on your behalf, you are entitled to full access to every step of our process. If, for some reason, we fail to deliver the very best version of ourselves (after all, we are all human), we will be the first to acknowledge it and work with you to ensure you obtain the outcome you deserve. Pledging to consistently deliver top value to you, we will always make sure you are satisfied with our relationship before we benefit from it in any way. You come first. You are the WHAT – we are the HOW.

As teachers, our role is to acquire and impart knowledge that can help you achieve your aspirations, on organizational and individual levels. Given our commitment to working with companies from all industries and walks of life, as well as the unprecedented rate of change and levels of complexity in our modern existence, our learning must stem from a range of interdisciplinary and complementary fields of knowledge. Each of us at Vayomar is committed to spending 500 hours a year in service of this core value.
Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is an act. This is true of the language we use in group gatherings, as well as the politics we accept. From our working styles to the nature of our unique character, as long as we are all committed to our shared purpose, vision, and core values, we all play meaningful roles in shaping our daily professional realities, with regards to work methods, training and consulting styles, choosing inspirational learning sources, etc. “Aligned but different” is beautiful. “New and strange” is welcome. These are the elements of positive growth. These are crucial to staying relevant and achieving excellence.
Although we are a commercial entity and we, too, aim to ensure our financial stability and comfort, as teachers, we strive to ensure that not only those who “have,” benefit from our knowledge and experience. We believe in giving back to the community, regardless of how busy we may be or what other extenuating circumstances place obstacles before us (i.e.  COVID-19). We aim to always find time to make ourselves accessible and available to those in need of our help, regardless of their financial situation. Read More >>
We hold to the premise that if we wish to advise others, we must be sure to follow that advice ourselves. When it comes to guidelines and best practices about how executive leaders need to manage themselves – as individuals as well as a team – we, too, must adhere to these principles within our own company. If we encourage our customers to invest in frequent and professionally-run offsites (and we do), we must do the same within our own company.
There are few things as powerful and impactful as leading by example; we are committed to doing so in everything that we teach and preach.

The age of individual superheroes has ended. The mind-boggling levels of complexity in our modern reality present a new kind of challenge, one that can only be met through alignment, knowledge sharing, and sincere cooperation. We believe in fast teams, not just fast runners. The wellbeing of each and every individual within the Vayomar team, and their willing embrace of our purpose, vision, and core values, is just as important as their individual achievements. Every strategic program we offer, every brilliantly designed workshop we run, every mind-expanding and inspiring key-note session we deliver, is the product of deeply seeded care and motivation within each and every member of the Vayomar team. We are a chain, and no matter how strong some of our chain links may be, our overall strength is only as strong as our weakest link. This demands a strong sense of commitment and accountability on the part of every member of our team.

Neither life nor progress is linear. A successful existence is not a straight line; it’s a wave, a continuous flow of ups and downs. Success is not about avoiding unsuccessful endeavors or never having a crisis. It’s about how we handle and embrace ebbs and flows as they surface. When those bad times come, we remind ourselves that they allow us to put our knowledge, experience, and the core values we have chosen to embrace, to work.
No one is perfect, nor should they be. Perfection is not a destination; it is an inspiration. It represents a better future form of ourselves, which drives us to continue working on ourselves, without pause. Meeting our customers’ expectations is very important to us. Yet, we aim to exceed these expectations and meet the expectations of that imaginary perfect version of ourselves. While we know we will never actually reach this goal, we know that consistently working towards it, will only make us better.
Vayomar Timeline
January 26, 2003

Vayomar is born

Gur & Ariel deliver the 1st official session.

January 26, 2003
May 2005

Vayomar is established

Gur & Ariel incorporate their initiative into an Israeli corporation.

May 2005

Growing & scaling

Vayomar expands from working with youth & NGOs into a full-fledged business corporation. 


Developing digital assets 

Vayomar designs its first digital application, “Feedback.”


Spreading the word

Vayomar exceeds 100,000 hours of training in a single year.


You’re Not Moving Slow Enough

Ariel publishes his first book: “You’re Not Moving Slow Enough”

January 2017

Uncle Sam, here we are!

Gur & Ariel incorporate as a corporation in the US.

January 2017

Vayomar adopts new philosophy

Vayomar adopts its “Economy of Enough” philosophy.


2021 New market

Vayomar APAC is born



It’s All About the People

Tovit Neizer

Senior Consultant


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