Zukerman Chayat

Senior Consultant​

About ME

Sometimes, when dealing with obstacles, you just hit a wall and don’t know to climb over it. This is where I see an opportunity to think outside the box, get creative and try out different approaches.

This sort of process is exactly what I love about my work at Vayomar, I meet a lot of companies and get a glimpse at their realties and challenges. As consultants, we are not just teaching Vayomar’s methodologies, we are working on their implementation in real-life scenarios.

It’s extremely satisfying to see people applying new ways of thinking and getting amazing results. Obviously, I can’t share examples from clients, but I can from my own personal experience.

Some time after the foundation of Vayomar, I co-founded a company that developed renewable energy projects and traded emission reductions, according to the Kyoto protocol.

One of the challenges we faced was the regulation of the ministry of environmental protection. The regulation was meant to mitigate environmental hazards, but it also blocked out projects.

Using a Vayomar methodology, Value oriented communication, I was able to demonstrate that our projects, while banned by regulation will actually promote the standards the ministry was trying to achieve.

This caused the ministry to change the regulation and allow a successful implementation of the projects.

Since then, I have taught and helped many companies in adopting Value orientation and other methodologies with great results.

My recommendations

  • Learn to play a musical instrument, it’s fun and relaxing. (No, you are not too old. Take it from someone that got into guitar very late.)

  • My reading recommendation: Exponential Organizations, by Salim Ismail.

  • Dune, by Frank Herbert