We specialize in identifying and realizing the internal innovations your organization needs to succeed.


We Help Make Innovation Simple

Stage 1 – Test:

What sort of innovation are you looking for? Do you have the talent, know-how, resources, and framework to make it happen?

By measuring what your employees are focusing on, we can assess how likely you are to implement and improve upon innovative solutions.

Stage 2 – Act:

How can you make improvements, with minimal
effort on your part?

Corporations, just like humans, have limited attention spans. We process less than 1% of what we actually see. We identify your innovation bottlenecks and then execute the work plan that leads to the results you need.


What drives innovation programs forward?

Most internal innovation programs become vital to an organization’s future when they successfully focus on:

  1. Creating an Internal Rate of Return (IRR), as opposed to ROI. Innovation should be geared towards exceeding the company’s current profitability trajectory.

  2. Generating precise, quality ideas by increasing business acumen and relating to the company’s business model, value chain, and bottlenecks.

  3. Providing tools for overcoming resistance and mobilizing support for the different stages.


  • Keynotes:

    – How to help connect people to innovation
    – How to navigate rapid change
    – How to break through thought fixations

  • Innovation assessment
    – Priority Matrix©
    – ClearSight©
    – Transformation readiness
    – Innovation infrastructure
  • Strategy:

– Promote cost-effective screening
– Identify supporters
– Enable emergence
– Mitigate complexity

  • Workplan

    – Practical, clear, efficient
  • Execution

– Learn to lead, deliver, and monitor results

  • Results

– IRR = Internal rate of return


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