Executive Leadership Teams

Training each one to shine their own light and spark a large flame

We help executive leadership teams successfully face and mitigate the unprecedented complexities and uncertainties that burden companies today.

We also help them manage the dissonance experienced between two distinct types of leaders and their associated responsibilities:

  • C-level leaders tasked with governing a specific domain of expertise.
  • ELT members tasked with making long term decision that are good for the company – even if they make their short term C-Level goals harder to achieve.



The 2 Greatest Weaknesses of Executive Leadership Teams

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Sales enablement managers

Sales teams

Non-sales, customer-facing employees


– I get it. Meaningful change doesn’t happen overnight. How can you help?

We’re here to go the distance with you. Below are the services and support we are happy to provide on an ongoing basis, until your targets are met:

  • Planning & facilitating executive leadership team (ELT) meetings – working with a selected ELT member and the head of the team. The purpose of this activity is to ensure that your management meetings are run in a structured and productive manner, with a strong strategic orientation (focusing on the desired values and obstacles mapped during the two-day offsite that will precede engaging with us).

  • One-on-one work with the CEO (or head of the ELT). The purpose of this activity is to further develop the individual’s leadership skills as well as to transform his/her talent and intuition into a well-articulated approach. This will foster effective  communication with his/her ELT and the rest of the company during management meetings and, on a daily basis, with the entire company.

  • Individual support to various ELT members. The purpose of this activity is to ensure the executive leaders’ effective engagement in management meetings. It is important that these leaders serve as a strategic bridge between the strategy set in these meetings and the execution they are responsible for in the field on a day-to-day basis (from strategy to execution).

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– I just need a bit of inspiration

Here’s a list of some really cool and inspiring (and interactive!) 1-2 hour talks that will really get your people’s juices flowing:

  • Dual identity problems: for the most part, ELT members are also C-Level managers. The fundamental differences between what is required and expected from them in each of these roles can seriously undermine the efficiency and effectiveness of management meetings.

  • The unique nature of a management meeting and strategies for how these meetings should be planned, run, and followed-up on.

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