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About V-CAB

We are establishing the Vayomar Customer Advisory Board (V-CAB) to combine our shared knowledge and experience in order to address some of the leading trends and dilemmas faced by organizations today, and come up with courses of action that lead to marked results. To that end, we are inviting a select group of senior executives from within Vayomar’s extensive customer portfolio, whose track records of success speak for themselves.

Topics the V-CAB will cover:

For each of these topics, and many others that will surely come up, we will seek your thoughts and insights pertaining to Vayomar’s product-market-fit. We will want your input on the structure and format of our offerings and our methods for ensuring full value realization and recognition by our customers.

Value to V-CAB members

We imagine just how busy you are. Inviting you to be a V-CAB member means asking you to share with us some of your most valuable resources: your time; your talent; and your experience. Therefore, in designing V-CAB, we came up with the following list of values and benefits that we wish to ensure for each member:

This list is only the beginning. We will want to hear from you how you think and wish V-CAB can be a valuable asset for you.

Responsibilities of a V-CAB member:

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Vayomar has spent the last two decades learning how to bridge the growing gap between humanity’s age-old “operating system,” and the nature of the modern workplace. We have delivered hundreds of thousands of training and consulting hours to over half a million individuals in 24 countries and across over a dozen industries. This vast experience, combined with actionable insights derived from a diverse range of disciplines, is the foundation upon which all of our programs and methodologies stand.