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SEason TWO

SEASON two OF 'The greater context' podcast hosted by Ariel Halevi

The Greater Context
Ariel Halevi Hosting Gilad Gruber

He’s a master manager who draws inspiration from the likes of US Presidents past…

Introducing Gilad Gruber, VP R&D at Payoneer. 

Gilad joined the podcast to (humbly) discuss the things he’s learned and implemented throughout his prolific career as a manager at some of the most sought-after companies on the market. Is managing others an innate or learned capability? What part of completing a role makes Gilad most proud? When is it time to bid a role farewell? Who does Gilad want to join his teams, and what does he fight for, even when fighting alone? How has Theodore Roosevelt empowered Gilad when faced with decision-making junctions?      

Join us for an insider opinion on how to grab managers’ attention with presentations and emails, and an exclusive look at his self-developed managerial fundamentals, based on his vast experience and the over 800 books he’s read.

The Greater Context
Ariel Halevi Hosting Yhali Admati

Futuristic, mono-techno and optimistic techno, Yahli Admati spends most of her time in 2040.

In this episode, we’ll discuss:

  • The fourth revolution – has it already begun?
  • The term “organizational consciousness” and how it affects us
  • The differences between functional innovation and intellectual innovation 
  • The three questions that every company must ask itself

The Greater Context
Ariel Halevi Hosting Talya Landau

Director of innovation at Amdocs and a leader of business and social entrepreneur in her own right, Talia Landau loves to connect innovation and people to create meaningful well-being. She even received an award for the flagship project – “Virtually Together” – that she developed in response to the challenges posed by Covid-19.

In this episode, we’ll discuss:

  • The transition from a large corporation like Amdocs to independence, and back again
  • How to promote innovation in a global corporation – how to inspire it, how to make time for it, and how to harness the support of management
  • The connection between innovation and well-being
  • The three dimensions of time that Talia refers to when she approaches work on strategic plans and ventures 
  • How does this impressive woman still find time to volunteer?
  • The new normal is that nothing is normal

Using behavioral psychology to create effective sales strategies

Transitioning from seller-centric to buyer-centric psychology Understanding behavioral psychology is critical in sales. We partnered with Vayomar’s co-founder, Ariel Halevi, to deep dive into what makes us tick as people – what motivates us to make decisions, the parts of our brains that are engaged during sales calls, and making the shift from being seller-centric to buyer-centric. Watch Webinar to learn about: 1. The psychology of decisions: We’ll cover some basic ideas in behavioral psychology and explore what motivates us to make decisions. 2. Outdated paradigms around sales: The nature of sales has drastically changed and making the sale is just the beginning. Your ability to keep your promises of continued value will shape your ability to keep your customers coming back for more. 3. From transactional to consultative: the need to shift your sales approach from seller-centric to buyer-centric

המלצות, רפרנסים, מושגים ואנשים שעלו בפרק וכדאי להכיר

Talia Landau

Amdocs – Virtually together

 happiness study academy 

Amdocs Innovation Camp 2010