The Undoing Project

If you don’t have the patience to read “Thinking: Fast and Slow” AND would love to get a glimpse of the lives and working evolution of the two remarkable psychologists behind this world changing research, this is the book for you. An easy read that blends academic learning with the pleasure of a well written […]

Exponential Organizations

Humanity has entered  a new age. The exponential age. Linear progress will not suffice in this age of hyper-rapid change. We can no longer simply try to out work our targets. The world is moving too fast for that. We must outsmart our targets, by adopting exponential managerial and operational guidelines – such that are […]

Powerful: Building A Culture Of Freedom And Responsibility

If anything, this is a good book for testing your traditional paradigms on management and human resources. I confess that I found some of her insights and recommendations too definitive and binary, and yet, some key ideas in this book really grabbed my attention: (a) the radical operational freedom from the traditionally heavy authoritarianism of […]

What The Year 2050 Has In Store For Humankind

Like many, I am a fan of Yuval Noah Harari. His book, SAPIENS, had a material influence on my own work and understanding of the models and methodologies I teach in the fields of interpersonal communication, persuasion, and influence without authority. He (along with thought leaders such as Ray Kurzweil, Sam Harris and others I […]

Work Rules!: Insights From Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live And Lead

Aside from the glamour of getting an inside view of one of the world’s most successful companies, this book contains powerful insights and statistics on hiring – as a process as well as a ultra-strategic area of focus (which sadly too many organizations today still ignore or under appreciate). It’s also a very interesting read […]