Producing a Successful Offsite Part 6/6: The “In Between” Spaces Are Just as Important!


Vayomar team | 4 minutes Over course of the past five blog posts, we’ve talked about the importance of clearly defining your offsite ROI, to generate maximum employee engagement and satisfaction.   We’ve discussed the value of having a theme and applying total immersion to maximize your impact on the event’s participants, as well as your executive training. […]

Producing a Successful Offsite Part 5/6: It Ain’t Over ’till…. the Next Offsite!


Vayomar team | 4 minutes Your offsite doesn’t end when everybody checks out and heads to the airport. In fact, a well-planned offsite’s effects can still be felt until… the next offsite! Just as the preliminary teaser campaign is meant to expand your impact on offsite participants to before the event even begins, the follow-up campaign is meant […]

Producing a Successful Offsite Part 4/6: Warm Their Engines BEFORE They Arrive


Vayomar team | 4 minutes Welcome to part 4 of Vayomar’s 6-part series on designing a winning company event. In previous posts, we reviewed the importance of clearly defining your offsite’s ROI, having a defining theme and leveraging the power of total immersion. Today, we will review the value of conducting pre-offsite activities that allow you to hit the ground […]

Producing a Successful Offsite Part 3/6: It’s Called an OFFsite For a Reason


Vayomar team | 5 minutes In the previous two posts of this series, we reviewed the importance of clearly defining your offsite’s ROI and of having a defining theme. The next step is using that theme to fully squeeze the value out of your offsite’s venue. At Vayomar, we like to call this step total immersion. This component is […]

Producing a Successful Offsite Part 2/6: Does Your Next Offsite Have a Theme? It Should!

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Vayomar team | 6 minutes Last time, we introduced the six guiding principles to creating winning, productivity-inducing offsites for your organization. In case you missed the post, click here to read it now.  Today, we’re delving straight into the second of these principles – the theme.  Now that the first component, the budget, has been […]

Producing a Successful Offsite Part 1/6: It’s All About the ROI


Vayomar team | 6 minutes Executive retreats, also known as “offsites,” whisk a group of employees or senior managers away from their office environment, most commonly for 1-3 days, to enable them to experience “deep” and intensive processes that help them return to work rested and charged to drive business goals forward. These processes take […]

Rest in Peace, Innovation

In his famous TEDx talk, Simon Sinek suggested that we Start With Why. At the base of his approach lies the idea that uncovering the fundamental motivation that drives our path can be very powerful, for organizations as well as for individuals.

Employee Satisfaction is Down & You’re Hemorrhaging Employees, But Do You Know Why?

Today, we’re going to cover how to implement this knowledge and create truly impactful simulations. The biggest challenge rests in fitting the necessary training to the actual challenges we face when pitching sales, I.e. rolling out the training material while it’s still relevant, coordinating between, Sales, Marketing and Management to insert the company strategy in the training, an incorporating feedback from below.