You’re Not Moving Slow Enough: The Unexpected Formula To Lasting Influence

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What good is it if someone says “you’re right…” just to get you off their back and then nothing changes? Are you having trouble even getting in the door? Would you like to be truly influential – to get invited to make presentations, shift people’s opinions and, most importantly, change outcomes? This book can help you have real impact even without formal authority. People will accept your calls, welcome your input and actually listen! You’ll be given a wide range of tools to take with you into your day to day life. These tools are illustrated by real life examples so that they’re easy to understand and use. Getting from theory to practice has never been easier.


Persuasion is often associated with manipulation, insincerity, or being a demagogue. It shouldn’t be surprising given some of the misguided approaches of traditional sales and negotiation training. In this book you’ll learn the opposite. You’ll discover the fundamental flaw in most common approaches to persuasion, and how even our own intuition can lead us astray.

I recognised something that is obvious but rarely talked about: people want to avoid unpleasant pressure. When they are forced into a new way of thinking or behaviour, agreement is often simply a method of avoidance. It is not only inauthentic, but counterproductive. Simply put: aggressive methods of persuasion have no real or positive lasting impact. In fact, they can actually harm the person using them.

You Are Not Moving Slow Enough offers a different approach. It doesn’t teach you how to outsmart the other person and “win”. Instead, it focuses on the critical foundation of any persuasive dynamic: the other person’s experience of your joint encounter. In the final analysis, to reach true agreement, the person you want to influence must find YOU agreeable. This book focuses on how to get people to agree with YOU, rather than with what you SAY. By becoming agreeable – you set yourself up to be a highly persuasive person, regardless of topic or specific circumstances.


In today’s dynamic instant messaging society, moving slower goes against the grain. The heralded belief is that speed equals success. However, when it comes to persuasion, influence and creating lasting impact, the exact opposite is true. Slow is better!

By creating lasting impact every time you engage with people, you turn each interaction into a positive memory that keeps working for you long after the encounter is over. Over time, your need to persuade diminishes as people’s inner desire to agree with you grows.

By making sure each interaction leaves a positive memory, the lasting impact keeps working for you long after the encounter is over. Over time, there is less need to be convincing as people’s inner desire to agree with you grows and they gradually move their positions to align with your own. You Are Not Moving Slow Enough provides you with the tools to achieve true influence: the power to produce change without force. 

What people say?

“Ariel Halevi brings years of experience combined with great insights translating it all into accessible and manageable tools. In doing so, he invites others to enhance their perception and improve their communication, in both their work and personal lives.”

— Dafna Eylon President at Eylon Associates, Leadership Effectiveness

“I met Ariel for the first time in 2009, and over the years I had the pleasure to be mentored by Ariel as part of my professional career. Today, before every presentation I present, I challenge myself to think and structure it the “Ariel way” – It works. We are all lucky that now this knowledge is captured in his book, so anyone can learn, apply and benefit.”

— Alon Shaham Head of Portfolio Management, Siemens PLM Software

“Ariel Halevi is at the top of his field: brilliant, insightful, masters theory and practice, and deeply ethical.”

— Gidi Grinstein Societal entrepreneur; Founder of Reut; Author of Flexigidity

How Vayomar can help

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Yaron Zukerman Chayat

Sometimes, when dealing with obstacles, you just hit a wall and don’t know to climb over it. This is where I see an opportunity to think outside the box, get creative and try out different approaches.

This sort of process is exactly what I love about my work at Vayomar, I meet a lot of companies and get a glimpse at their realties and challenges. As consultants, we are not just teaching Vayomar’s methodologies, we are working on their implementation in real-life scenarios.

It’s extremely satisfying to see people applying new ways of thinking and getting amazing results. Obviously, I can’t share examples from clients, but I can from my own personal experience.

Some time after the foundation of Vayomar, I co-founded a company that developed renewable energy projects and traded emission reductions, according to the Kyoto protocol.

One of the challenges we faced was the regulation of the ministry of environmental protection. The regulation was meant to mitigate environmental hazards, but it also blocked out projects.

Using a Vayomar methodology, Value oriented communication, I was able to demonstrate that our projects, while banned by regulation will actually promote the standards the ministry was trying to achieve.

This caused the ministry to change the regulation and allow a successful implementation of the projects.

Since then, I have taught and helped many companies in adopting Value orientation and other methodologies with great results.

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