The greater context

For hundreds of thousands of years, we Homo-Sapiens Sapiens have distinguished ourselves from other life forms in two special ways:

  • Our ability to innovate.
  • Our ability to adapt.

For most of this history, these two abilities have worked in tandem. Our rate of innovation was similar to our rate of adaptation. In short, we were able to keep up with ourselves.

What humanity is now realizing, painfully, is that while our ability to adapt is set to a fixed evolutionary pace, our ability to innovate has been progressing at an exponential rate – essentially outrunning our ability to adapt. Our innovative genius has led to a rate of change that has outrun our adaptive capabilities.

Despite living in the age of the Digital Revolution, many of our daily decisions and responses to people and situations around us continue to be dictated by our prehistoric “programming” – an operating system designed for an analog reality that no longer exists.

You can invest all the resources in the world in the most advanced technological and operational infrastructure… but if you don’t close this growing gap between innovation and human adaptation, these investments will surely turn from advantages into liabilities.

Vayomar has spent the last two decades learning how to bridge this growing gap in the modern workplace. We have delivered hundreds of thousands of training and consulting hours to over half a million individuals in 24 countries and across over a dozen industries. This vast experience, combined with actionable insights derived from a diverse range of disciplines, is the foundation upon which all of our programs and methodologies stand.


We at Vayomar see ourselves as teachers. This identity defines every aspect of our professional being. We exist for the purpose of consuming and developing knowledge so that we may then share it with you in service of your organizational and individual aspirations.

We believe the key to cultivating a better humanity is to facilitate a shift in our perception of uncertainty – from being an existential threat to being an inspiring opportunity. We aim to replace fear with curiosity, using proven tools and methodologies in the areas of decision making and interpersonal communications, specifically in the modern workplace.

We wish to play a meaningful role in humanity’s dramatic transition into its next chapter in history.


Our Core Values

Integrity & Transparency

Practice What You Preach

Contiguous Interdisciplinary Learning

Succeeding Together

Intentional Inclusiveness

Relentlessly Positive







Avi Eitan

Executive Assistant

Guy Seemann

Senior Consultant

Carmit Avidan-Shpalter


Justin Rudzki

Senior Consultant & Founding Partner

Ella Bokobza

Business Development & Marketing

Gur Lavi

Senior Consultant & Co-founder

Guy Shulberg

Senior Consultant

Ariel Halevi

Senior Consultant & Co-founder

Dror Ben-Eliyahu

Change Management consultant

Nira Felberg


Shiran Azoulay Rubinshtein

Senior Consultant

Shiraz Cohen Grad

Senior Consultant

Shoam Reshef

Senior Account Manager

Yaron Zukerman Chayat

Senior Consultant

Noam Shpalter

Board Member

Integrity & Transparency

Would you do the same if you knew the whole world was watching? We at Vayomar believe in “The Sunshine Policy”: do only the things you would do under the disinfectant power of sunlight. When we design and deliver a program on your behalf, you are entitled to full access to every step of our process. If we fail to deliver the very best version of ourselves, for whatever reason (we are all human, after all), we will be the first to acknowledge it and work with you to ensure the outcome you deserve. Trusting in our ability to consistently deliver top value to you, we will always make sure you get to be the judge of that before we benefit from the relationship with you. You come first. You are the WHAT – we are the HOW.

Practice what you preach

We hold true the premise that if we wish to advise others, we must be sure to follow that advice ourselves. Whether it’s guidelines and best practices about how executive leaders need to manage themselves, as individuals as well as a team – we, too, must adhere to these principles within our own company. If we encourage our customers to invest in frequent and professionally run offsites (and we do), we must do the same within our own company. There are few things as powerful and impactful as leading by example;  we are committed to doing so in everything that we teach and preach.

Contiguous Interdisciplinary Learning

As teachers, our role is to acquire and impart knowledge that can help you achieve your organizational and individual aspirations. Given our commitment to work with companies from all walks of life, and from different industries, and given the unprecedented rate of change and levels of complexity in our modern existence, this means our learning must stem from a range of interdisciplinary and complementary fields of knowledge. Each of us at Vayomar is committed to spending 500 hours a year in service of this core value.

Succeeding Together

The age of individual super-heroes has ended. The mind-boggling levels of complexity in our modern reality present a new kind of challenge, which can only be met through alignment, knowledge sharing, and sincere cooperation. We believe in fast teams, not just fast runners. The wellbeing of each and every individual within the Vayomar team, and their willing embrace of our purpose, vision and core-values, is as important as their individual achievements. Every strategic program we offer, every brilliantly designed workshop we offer, every mind-expanding and inspiring key-note session we deliver, is the product of deeply seeded care and motivation within each and every member of the Vayomar team. We are a chain, and no matter how strong some of our chain links may be, our overall strength is only as strong as our weakest link. This demands a strong sense of mutual commitment and accountability on the part of every member of our team. 

Intentional Inclusiveness

Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is an act. Whether it’s the language we use in group gatherings or the politics we embrace. Whether it’s our working styles or the nature of our unique character – as long as we are all committed to our shared purpose, vision, and core values – we are all welcome to play a meaningful role in shaping our daily professional realities with regards to work methods, training and consulting styles, choices of inspirational learning sources, etc. “Aligned but different” is beautiful. “New and strange” is welcome. These are the elements of positive growth. These are a crucial component of staying relevant and excellent.

Relentlessly Positive

Life and progress are not linear. A successful existence is not a straight line. It’s a wave. A continuous flow of ups and downs. Success is not about avoiding unsuccessful endeavors or never having a crisis. It’s about how we handle and embrace them. We know there will be ebbs and flows with good and bad times. And when those bad times come, we remind ourselves that they afford us an opportunity to put to work all that we have learned, the vast experience we’ve gathered, and the core values we have chosen to embrace.


Although we are a commercial entity and we, too, aim to ensure our financial stability and comfort, as teachers, we strive to ensure that not only those who “have” benefit from our knowledge and experience. No matter how busy we may be and no matter how hard times might be (i.e.  COVID-19), we will always find time to make ourselves accessible and available to those who need our help but cannot afford it (as much as we can within sustainable boundaries).


No one is perfect, nor should they be. Perfection is not a destination, it is an inspiration. A better future form of ourselves, which drives us to continue investing in our betterment. Meeting our customer’s expectations is very important to us – yet we aim to go above and beyond these expectations, to meet the expectations of that imaginary perfect version of ourselves, which we will never reach, but which will always make us better.

Guy Tal Seemann

I started my professional life working in the United States Congress and political campaigns before making Aliyah and working in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office of National Security. Primarily, I focused on long-term strategy and how to bring that strategy to life on a tactical level. 

But, in 2013, I felt the need to scratch the creativity itch and jumped into the world of entrepreneurship. Over the course of the next 7 years, I founded and served as CEO of a biotech start-up company and two non-profit organizations, while sitting on the board of many others, until I decided to leave the executivespotlight to help others shine. 

As we all should know, our true identities are not about our work, which is only one aspect of our lives. 

Mindfulness, food science/health/fitness, acting, tennis, soccer, physics, Jewish and non-Jewish philosophy and anything to do with the arts are what fill my time with pride outside of helping others achieve their dreams. 

I came to understand that my passion for the diverse offerings of this world greatly benefits me and my clients as I enjoy pulling knowledge from all corners of the earth.  Through making countless mistakes and trying new things, I have found that our ability to problem-solve, create change and bring about innovation is enhanced when we have a broader perspective.  

I try to live by example – making sure I am fully present and authentic in everything that I do. Hence the random list of activities, professions, and passions.  I specialize in innovation ideation, problem-solving methodologies and practicum, management/leadership development and interpersonal/intergroup communication and dynamics.

My recommendations:

Sapiens by Yuval Noach Harari  

Carmit Avidan-Shpalter

When I was 10 years old, my mom told me that she had received a huge offer to run a bank branch. As a young and ambitious woman, it was a “once in a life time offer,” but she refused the offer. Her decision stemmed from her desire to raise me and my brother, then small kids. I remember the pain I felt when I heard this story and it shaped my character as a girl and as a woman. I’ve decided to live my life as an excellent businesswoman and also as an excellent mother and family woman – without compromising on the quality of “either of my hats.”
Throughout my life, I have embraced the “Yes we can!” mindset. Yes, we can set ambitious goals and achieve them despite challenges; It is my absolute belief that mindset is an immense force that pushes us toward our goals.
Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

But in my opinion, personal growth, by itself, lacks in potential if it impacts only the individual, if it’s not passed on and translated into doing good to others, to the community, and the world in which we live.
Serving as CEO of Vayomar is my life mission and passion. In my opinion, mindset management and interpersonal communication are immense forces we are carry with us everywhere we go – mindset determines our emotions, while interpersonal communication is the buffer through which we transfer our mindset and emotions to those around us. These two forces greatly influence our daily actions. Therefore, through my role, I have a sense of mission to empower the people around me to use these tools to bring good to others, to bring good to their business world, to those around us, to our kids, and to humanity as a whole.

My recommendations:
Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg

Justin Rudzki

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about creating.

When I was younger, I channeled my passion into very traditional pursuits – designing, writing, performing.

Today, creativity for me is something quite different.

It’s a powerful tool that I use in my day-to-day work as a trainer and consultant. It’s about working with clients from all walks of life to find that sweet spot – the unique combination of methodology, strategy and practical tools – that will help them get to where they want to go. And that’s true whether it’s about  getting their message across, successfully bringing a project home or simply about increasing their impact and power.

What motivates me? I find constant inspiration in the people that I have the privilege to work with – both clients and colleagues alike. Being around people who are passionate about expanding their horizons is my driving force. We enrich one another.

In 2021, I will bring Vayomar to the Southern Hemisphere as a founding partner of Vayomar APAC. Bring it on!

My recommendations :
Viktor Frankl: Man’s Search for Meaning
James Clear: Atomic Habits


Ella Bokobza

If I had to find the common thread to everything I have done in the last decade, it would have to be the need to test varied solutions to every challenge, and in all of them, I loved this experience the most. My favorite part is defining the different options and then building the roadmap to them. Together with a team, I like to pick the most fitting, efficient, and innovative solution.

It is the essence of operations and business development: working with people, problem solving and being creative. For that, you need to be truly curious about people, to want to learn to know them. You need to breathe in information about the market, about companies and about positions with a passion. Lastly, you need to be able to connect the right team with the right mission, in Vayomar it means coordinating with people from management, the consultants and the Customer relation’s team.

The spheres in which I live connect, too. I also instruct and consult to new Immigrants to Israel, and lead processes of financial emancipation for women. Ah, and if you want to meet, you’ll find me every Tuesday evening, power walking with my dear friends of the “Etgarim” organization.

“The utmost peace is one between two opposites”
–  Rabbi Nachman von Breslau

My recommendations:

The Stamp, by Channa Levana, a children’s book

Women Who Changed the World, by Sally Simmons and Ros Horton

Grey’s Anatomy – the show, not the book. Also, the closest I’ll ever get to becoming a doctor.

Gur Lavi

Innovation and change are my passion. Nothing is more exciting than learning new things and enabling an easier transformation by connecting people to the value that change represents.

I am impressed by the ability to step out of our organizational and individual comfort zones and I see my role as an enabler for overcoming the natural resistance that change often brings along. My greatest professional satisfaction is to identify the key actions that will allow for complex processes to run easily, differentiating between the symptoms and the causes, between being busy and being productive, between theory and actual practice.  

One of my biggest lessons in my professional life is that a successful journey starts with finding the right partners that allow each one of us to soar to greater heights than we would have done on our own. This is my ongoing experience with my best friend and business partner Ariel with whom I co-founded Vayomar and together with our team we continuously strive to be the best partners for our clients’ journey.

“Times are changing, and we are changing with them”

– Ovid, Metamorphoses

My recommendations:

Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World–and Why Things Are Better Than You Think – by Hans Rosling

The Gallic Wars – By Julius Caesar

The Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self – by Alice Miller

Guy Shulberg

In my day-to-day life, I find that three abilities serve me best:

Curiosity – I ask lots of questions, everything interests me, and it enables me to have a fresh perspective on people’s problems.

Sincerity – most people are surprised by the extent to which I’m determined to help them.

Tolerance – I meet all kinds of people, on all organizational levels. I found it best to meet them where they are, and not where I think they’re supposed to be.

My training as a historian helps me ask the correct questions, my training from Vayomar helps frame every action I take as a service to somebody, and my background as an outsider reminds me of the importance of tolerance towards others.

“Latent structure is master of obvious structure.”
― Heraclitus, Fragments 

My recommendations:

The Anthropocene Review – a podcast about life in the Human Time.

A Canticle for Leibowitz,  by Walter Michael Miller Jr. A book about life between two nuclear wars.

Asterios Polyp  by David Mazzucchelli. A graphic novella on hubris, relationships, and happiness.

Ariel Halevi

A teacher, first and foremost, I am most passionate about the fields of Interpersonal Communication, Persuasion and Influence Without Authority. I decided to dedicate my life to the study of these fields, so that I may first live a happy and productive life, and then turn to help others do the same. I am a strong believer in doing what you love while doing good in the world, and I endeavor to incorporate these ideals into every interaction I have.

I am the proud co-founder of Vayomar – The Power of Being Heard, along with my friend and partner, Gur Braslavi. Together, we strive to bring our insights, methodologies, and tools to people around the world, from young students to adults. 

But we don’t forget to enjoy ourselves… I am a big believer in the “theory of fun” and love to find ways for developing myself through games. My goal is to promote a better humanity through better interpersonal communications. I invite you to join us and become part of this massive transformative effort.

“If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michaelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.’”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

My recommendations:

    • The Brain’s Way of Healing: Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity, by Norman Doidge  
    • Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility, by Patty McCord  
  • Work Rules!: Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead, by Laszlo Bock



Dror Ben-Eliyahu

I’m a people person. I find common ground with others, improving communication and bringing out the best in my peers and teams.
I hold a BA in Industrial Design from the Università degli Studi di Firenze and an MBA from INSEAD.

I am also an explorer, eager to try new experiences and explore new cultures. I have
lived, studied, and worked six different countries: Israel, Italy, China, USA, France, and India.
But I consider myself a citizen of the Pale Blue Dot.

As a designer, I thrive on creative approaches but tend to rethink what I’m doing.
As a business thinker, I aim to understand the bigger picture, but tend to check the frame that holds it.

“I know I was born and I know that I’ll die
The in between is mine.
I am mine”
― Eddie Vedder

My recommendations:

Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things
by Donald A. Norman
(Podcast) TED Radio Hour

Nira Felberg

About influence – As a child I was often influenced by occasions or people which were important to me, and they played key roles in shaping the person I am today. First among my teachers for life was my mom, who schooled me about independence, modesty, and perseverance, even when times are rough. A second was my aunt, who lived next door, who taught me that it is enough to be happy with your cup of coffee, your cigarette or your crossword puzzles – if the people you love are with you. My best friend’s mom taught me that you don’t have to be a great cook or have a polished house, you can let go of yourself and flex your identity like a muscle, and fit it to the environment to make your impact count. And my extraordinary and energetic French teacher, Annie, who inspired me to become a culture consumer. I could go reminisce about the influences in my life for pages. If you have the gift – the ability and the talent to influence others – then as a teacher or instructor, you need to be a good role model and set an example yourself. I can personally attest to the fact that Vayomar has the human resources to provide such teachers and instructors.

About stability as a major factor in success – The long-term greatness of a building is measured not by its beautiful offices or its architecture or even by its height, but by its strong foundations. The foundations of an organization are its employees. The management of an organization should view their employees as individuals who need to evolve, influence and grow within their environment. If you facilitate and encourage this, then you’ll cultivate creative and self-motivated employees.

“When times are rough, don’t complain, don’t blame others, but DO to help make things better.” 

My recommendations:

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, by Patrick Suskind. 

Jane Eyre,  by Charlotte Brontë.

Exodus, by Leon Uris. 

Shiraz Cohen-Grad

What do you get when you combine a business graduate, psychology and film critic? In short, me. I am a consultant and trainer who has been working closely with global enterprises, start-ups and various organizations on refining and amplifying managerial presence and skills, and improving management and interpersonal communication.

I would gladly work with my clients in my field of expertise on any given day, as I love seeing results and the road it takes to get them.

I am an MBA graduate with managerial psychology specialty and a trained personal coach. 

Gandhi said it best: 

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

 Otherwise it won’t work..

My recommendations:

Favorite films: Some Like It Hot, Shortcuts, and American Honey

I listen to Freakonomics podcasts when I’m not soaking up great music.

Shoam Reshef

Recently I got into a cab, and the cab driver immediately gave me a lollipop, which surprised me. Apparently, the driver was previously a long-time industrial engineer, who made no small amount from his job, until one day he realized he liked people better than machines. During the drive, he said that now he does exactly what he likes, talking to people, and he is happy. My own job is on the axis between an event-producer and a social worker. Mainly, I meet people and listen to their needs, their organizational pain-points and stress. Then I identify the desired outcomes are for the processes we initiate with them. Based on this dialogue, I offer the appropriate solution that fits our expertise. Throughout the process, I remain available and involved so as to ensure the success of the project and both their and our satisfaction from the results. 

“Where is beauty? Where I must want with all my heart.”

          ~Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietzsche~

My recommendations:

The World of Yesterday, by Stefan Zweig

To Enhance Good in the World, by Esther Peled 

TV documentary Series: Making A Murderer, by Laura Ricciardi & Moira Demos

Yaron Zukerman Chayat

Sometimes, when dealing with obstacles, you just hit a wall and don’t know to climb over it. This is where I see an opportunity to think outside the box, get creative and try out different approaches.

This sort of process is exactly what I love about my work at Vayomar, I meet a lot of companies and get a glimpse at their realties and challenges. As consultants, we are not just teaching Vayomar’s methodologies, we are working on their implementation in real-life scenarios.

It’s extremely satisfying to see people applying new ways of thinking and getting amazing results. Obviously, I can’t share examples from clients, but I can from my own personal experience.

Some time after the foundation of Vayomar, I co-founded a company that developed renewable energy projects and traded emission reductions, according to the Kyoto protocol.

One of the challenges we faced was the regulation of the ministry of environmental protection. The regulation was meant to mitigate environmental hazards, but it also blocked out projects.

Using a Vayomar methodology, Value oriented communication, I was able to demonstrate that our projects, while banned by regulation will actually promote the standards the ministry was trying to achieve.

This caused the ministry to change the regulation and allow a successful implementation of the projects.

Since then, I have taught and helped many companies in adopting Value orientation and other methodologies with great results.

My recommendations:

§ Learn to play a musical instrument, it’s fun and relaxing. (No, you are not too old. Take it from someone that got into guitar very late.)

My reading recommendations:

§ Exponential Organizations, by Salim Ismail.

§ Dune, by Frank Herbert

Noam Shpalter

People tell me I am like an aspirin. I solve problems. Somehow, from a young age, I have had the ability to look at problems and come up with ways to solve them in “different” ways. That ability has helped me establish many businesses in various areas. I love having a multidisciplinary career because it allows me to constantly learn and delve into new fields of interest.

For the past 25 years, I have been a business and financial mentor. As a key-note speaker on the topic of setting and achieving financial goals other financial subjects, I have lectured to more than 100,000 people so far. I am also a co-founder of many companies in Israeli as well as a private investor in various startups and real estate projects in Israel and abroad, applying financial portfolio management principles from the financial world.

I love my family, my businesses – and basically I love life.

“Success is my duty obligation and responsibility”

Grant Cardone


My recommendations:

The 10X Rule, by Grant Cardone

Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill

The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles

Rich Dad, Poor Dad, By Robert Kiyosaki

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