Four Weaknesses of Executive Leadership Teams (ELT)

Ariel Halevi | 10 minutes Senior executive leadership teams (ELT) operate in all sorts of companies, from hyper- growth startups that have reached “unicorn” status to well-established global corporations. Yet in spite of the impressive experience and talents of the individuals who populate them, ELTs often achieve less than one would expect.   In my […]

How Healthy is Your Organization’s “Invisible Glue?”

Ariel Halevi | 10 minutes Imagine the day Antonie Philips van Leeuwenhoek looked through his innovation’s lens and became the first human being to see what had been hiding in plain sight for 4.5 billion years. This ingenious invention – the microscope – enabled humankind to see elements that comprise our everyday surroundings, much like […]

3 Ways to Adapt to the Post-Covid Employment Reality

Ariel Halevi | 5 minutes As we have seen, time and time again, each new wave and variant of the Covid-19 virus is followed by a massive upheaval of the working world; fundamentals we once took for granted. It’s safe to say that in a post-Covid world, we won’t be reverting back to the way […]

5 Tips to Help You Survive the Current Battle for Talent – and Thrive

Ariel Halevi | 9 minutes While the working world continues to adapt to the post-Covid era, many companies find themselves in the midst of a huge crisis. Following a difficult year (which will soon complete its second 12-month run), and in the shadow of the past decade’s record-breaking stock issuings, many organizations are finding themselves […]

Vayomar Holiday Reading List

Vayomar’s Team | 7 minutes With the winter holiday season upon us, we, at Vayomar, like to take stock of the lessons we’ve learned – and taught – over the past year, so as to carve paths for smarter, more successful endeavors in the future. Regardless of whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanza, we […]

Guest Posting | 6 Tips for Senior Management Success

6 tips

Gilad Gruber Payoneer Inc​ | SVP R&D | 5 minutes For those of you who don’t already know me, I’m Gilad, and I am honored to be featured on the Vayomar blog today. I was born in sunny California, made Aliya at the age of six, lived in lots of places in Israel, and moved […]

The 2 Greatest Weaknesses of Executive Leadership Teams

Ariel Halevi | 10 minutes watch The Dual identity problem of management members Watch the full English session: Updates >> Strategic Discussions Selecting The Right Agenda Items Logical Sequence & Time Management Actionable Insights (with owners and deadlines) Follow up   Design by Vayomar If you liked this article you may find these interesting […]

Teaching Sales Teams the Art of the Hunt

Vayomar team | 2 minutes Learn how to transform three days into a springboard for your Sales team’s success. A case study that depicts a successful SKO. Sales teams are often a highly-motivated bunch. Enticed to broker deals and meet quotas by the allure of commissions or other perks, your sales department long ago learned […]